It’s a cliché, but we will say it once more: dogs are everyone’s favorite pets. With their fluffy coats and cute eyes, Pomeranians are one of the most popular domesticated dogs. Thanks to their lovable nature and endearing traits, they are frequently cast in TV commercials and also become celebrities’ pets.

Pomeranians are the smallest member of the Spitz family (a family of dogs), having long, thick fur and pointed ears. They gained worldwide popularity in the 18th century when Queen Victoria owned a small Pomeranian and eventually became a universally popular breed of dogs.

But before discussing whether Pomeranians are hypoallergenic or not, we will first discuss what hypoallergenic means.

What Hypoallergenic Means?

Hypoallergenic is a word initially used by cosmetic industries for implying that their products do not cause any allergic reaction on the skin. It doesn’t mean that the product will not cause any reaction. It simply means it is better than other products that cause allergic reactions. Later, this word was associated with dogs—and cats, and other pets.

The same is the case with dogs. No dog is completely hypoallergenic, even if you are told that he is hypoallergenic. If a dog is considered hypoallergenic, it means that he may not cause reactions to the majority, but some people may still be affected. Many people have found different allergic reactions by keeping the dog as a pet. In actuality, all dogs cause some allergic reactions to their owners, but some may shed less than others.

Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic?

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Pomeranians are not hypoallergenic and cause different allergic reactions in the human body. Every dog shed hair and dander, that is, dead skin cells. It is like human dandruff and cannot be seen with the human eye. Dogs constantly shed dander off their skin, which is the main reason for pet allergies and trigger reactions in humans that are allergic to dander.

Pomeranians have a double coat of fur, but it doesn’t make them heavy dander shedders. However, they may not be considered a good pet for people who suffer from severe allergic reactions.

Hair Shedding in Pomeranians

From malnutrition to stress problems, these fox-faced dogs have several causes when it comes to hair shedding. A bad diet that lacks balanced muster of nutrition can be one of the primary reasons. Like humans, dogs also need vital nutrients to nourish their hair, and without them, they will suffer through damaged hair, and eventually, excessive hair shedding. However, the hair shedding in Pomeranians is of two main types: they either shed a whole year or only shed in seasons.

Year Shedding

It is natural for a dog to shed hair and dander and can also be called natural shedding. Pomeranians shed their damaged or old hair at a gradual speed throughout the year.

Sessional Shedding

Most dogs tend to shed their hair during spring and fall. At this time of the year, Pomeranians go through excessive shedding. The reason is that when the season changes from summer to winter, they shed their light hair to have a thick coat of fur in winter. In the same way, when the season changes from winters to summers, they change their thick hair to light fur coats, causing excessive shedding.

What Allergic Reactions Do Pomeranians Cause?

Pomeranians are popular domesticated dogs; however, these small furry balls may cause some allergies to humans. If you suffer from any symptoms below, you may seek a doctor immediately to avoid any severe reaction.

Can Allergy-Prone People Have Pomeranians?

Pomeranians do shed hair and dander, but they are a moderately shedding breed. The tiny flecks of dead skin, impossible to see from the human eye, are attached to dog hair and are the main reason to cause allergy in humans. The truth is, any pet animal with fur or hair can trigger allergic reactions.

If you love Pomeranians but have a pet allergy, you do not have to worry. According to dog care, if you follow the following steps, you can avoid allergic reactions.

No medicine or treatment can make your pet hypoallergenic, but good care and a proper diet may decrease the chances of your dog giving you an allergic reaction.

Final Words

Pomeranians are no doubt attractive and lovable, which makes them exceptional house dogs. But they may sometimes behave aggressively when in fear and bark a lot around strangers (apologize to your neighbors if you have Pomeranian), so children should be cautious around them and should not be allowed to play without being over-watched.

They are not hypoallergenic, but if taken proper care of and followed all the precautionary steps, you can have them as your pet. But if you have a severe pet allergy, we advise you to pick a hypoallergenic dog; there are many out there!

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