Cats are not big droolers like dogs. But still, you may have occasionally noticed your cat drooling here and there. Watching her drooling like a dog, you may wonder why my cat is drooling. Is it normal for cats to drool? Or, is there something wrong with my cat?

Is It Normal For Cats to Drool?

It might not be as common for cats to drool as for dogs, but cats drool too. It is, however, very occasional. Cats drool when they are happy, sleeping, or when their guardians are adoring them. But it is okay if she doesn’t drool in the instances mentioned above. Remember that not all cats drool. Moreover, if your cat has a habit of drooling, there is nothing to worry about it. But if your cat suddenly started drooling excessively, you might have to take her to the vet.

Why Do Cats Drool?

There can be numerous reasons behind your cats drooling. Some of them are given below.

Is Drooling in Cats  Sign of Happiness?

Yes, drooling can be a sign of sheer happiness in cats. Many cats often purr and drool at the same time when their owners are petting them. Noticing that, one may wonder if their petting is hurting the kitten. Well, quite the opposite–purring and drooling simultaneously indicate that your kitten is enjoying your company. This is the reason that many cats also drool while snuggling and cuddling their owners.

It Can Be a Sign of a Relaxed Cat

Some cats drool while sleeping. This means that she is relaxed and at peace, enjoying her sleep.

Is Drooling in Cats a Sign of Sickness?

Indeed, drooling might be a sign of a happy or a relaxed cat but beware of excessive drooling; if it is excessive, there might be something wrong with your cat.

Let’s explore the causes of excessive drooling in cats.

Before that, you should know that continuous and excessive drooling is your cue to take your fluffy to the vet.

Mouth Disease and Dental Issues

If your cat is continuously drooling and slobbering, she likely has a mouth disease or some dental issues. Irritation in the mouth is usually the reason behind a cat’s drooling. Tartar buildup on the inside of the cat’s lips is often responsible for causing irritation in the mouth, leading to drooling. If left unchecked, tartar can transform into gingivitis and can even develop into periodontal disease.

Your Cat May Have Something Lodged in Her Throat

Another reason of excessive drooling in cats might be some foreign body lodged inside their throat or esophagus. Your cat may have eaten some grass, and now the spikey leaves of grass are hurting her. Or, the kitten might have swallowed some small toy or a piece of bone. If your cat does not vomit and throws out the object that she has swallowed, take her to the veterinarian at the earliest.

Your cat may also start drooling excessively if she has eaten something that tastes very unpleasant.  There is nothing to worry about in this case—your cat is simply drooling to get rid of the bad taste. But how would you know the actual behind her drooling? Since it is not easy to identify the causes on one’s own, it is better to take her to the vet in cases of excessive drooling.

It Might Be Fear or Anxiousness

Excessive drooling in cats often occurs when they are anxious, upset, or fearful. Cats do not like abrupt changes; if you have suddenly picked up your cat, put her in the car, and took her on a trip or to a vet appointment, she might start drooling because she is terrified. Motion sickness can also be the reason behind your cats drooling. Similarly, fear can also make your cat drool excessively. If later is the case, you should get her to a safe space.

Oral Injuries

Your cat may start excessively drooling if she has suffered any mouth injury. Mouth injuries such as a broken jaw, oral burns, and injuries due to catfights can make your cat drool excessively. While you may not be able to exactly identify why your cat is drooling, you will get an idea that there is something wrong with your cat.

Why is my cat drooling-keeping-pet

What Can You Do About It?

You do not have to worry about the occasional drooling of your cat, but if the drooling is excessive and persistent, you will have to identify the underlying reasons and resolve it. It could be any of the above reasons.

If you think your cat is drooling because she is afraid, you should try to keep her close to yourself so that she feels safe and protected. If you keep multiple pets under the same roof, make sure that other pets are not bullying her or causing trouble for her.

If you are going on a trip, you should first prepare your kitten for the ride. To reduce the motion sickness that leads to drooling, you can keep your cat in a safe carrier or a special travel toy.

If you fail to identify the exact reason, or the cat has some oral injury, dental issues, or other medical conditions, you should immediately take her to the vet.

Why is my cat drooling? Hope you get your answer. But note that there could be other reasons behind your cat drooling that we have not discussed. The list above is neither exhaustive nor authoritative. If you suspect that your kitten is drooling unusually, we recommend taking her to the vet.

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