Why does my dog stare at me?

“The eyes shout what lips fear to say.”

⸺William Henry

Being a dog parent, it happens that you see your dog staring for an unusually long time, and it might worry you. What’s going on in my chum’s head, you may think.

The obvious reason is that they’re hoping that you will magically produce a slice of bacon. However, the food isn’t the only motivation. There could be many underlying reasons why a dog stares at his owners for an extended time.

Let’s find out what it is.

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?

If your dog stares at you, there may be underlying reasons. Below is a snapshot of some of the possible reasons behind a dog staring at its owners.

1. He Needs Something

Staring is the dog’s way of communicating their needs to their owners. If your dog needs to eat or eliminate, he’d stare at you.

If you come back from your office after a long day, your dog stares at you to tell you that they want to play or need a walk outside to stretch their legs. This also happens when you are eating food, and your dog wants a big bite out of it. It’s his technique of telling you that you haven’t fed him, and it’s time.

According to the AKC, dogs employ stares at their owner as a manipulative tactic. They know that if they beg you with their puppy eyes, you’d give them what they want. And if you fall for this trick, they repeat it every time they want something.

2. He is in Pain

Canines are prone to injuries, bone fractures, cuts, infections, and diseases all the time. If there are wounds, cuts, bleeding, or discharge from their body, it’s easy for you to see that he is hurt. However, in case of internal health issues, dogs are unable to tell their owner. Therefore, they give signs by staring at them.

3. He is Waiting for Your Signal

They stare for cues. If you are training a dog and holding treats in your hand, he will be attentive and wait for your signal about what you are going to do next.

You might know that while training your dog to lay down, sit, roll over, or stand, etc., he needs hand signaling and treats. During the session, your dog is always staring at you to comprehend what you are trying to teach him.

4. He Wants Protection

This often happens when a dog is pooping. At that time, they let their guarding instincts down to finish their business. As they remain in that defenseless position, they always look at you to be sure you are there to guard them. You can reassure your pet by smiling at them and looking at them with love.

5. He is Reading Your Expression

When you are shouting or laughing, your dog wants to know what is going on with his owner. In addition, if you are sad or crying, your buddy attempts to understand what he should do about it, whether he should snuggle or lick to make you feel better.

6. He is Angry

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me

Not every time it’s about understanding or following.

If your baby has an aggressive and dominant nature, has small dog syndrome, or suffers from mental illness, touching anything dear to him triggers anger.

It can be their favorite toy, food, or their territory.

So, your dog looks at you with fuming eyes while preparing to attack.

This type of stare is also known as “hard-eye.”

7. He is Expressing His Love

Sometimes, it’s nothing but a gesture of pure love.

Smitten with love, he is just looking at you and thinks, what an excellent parent I have! He sees what you do and how you do and sits there in utter silence.

Dogs exhibit this behavior when their stomachs are full, their exercise needs are met, they have pooped, and now they are just dozing off to sleep while looking at their favorite person.

Dogs are sensitive creatures who express their emotions in different ways. So, if you wonder why does my dog stares at me, check for one of the above-mentioned signs he is exhibiting. 

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