Like dogs bite their toys, we bite food, biting is also very common in cats. Nothing new, nothing to be worried about. They have sharp teeth and claws that sometimes bring the devil out of those angelic creatures. Biting is like a  natural means of communication for your cat. Don’t take it as an attack until and unless she has been bothered and you see the aggression on her face.

The good news is that you can teach your cat how to stop biting or minimize the intensity of biting so that it becomes less painful. Usually, cats bite in the morning, that too for different reasons—which we’re going to discuss below.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me in The Morning?

Your cat might bite you in the morning for various reasons such as playfulness, hunger, a desire for attention, or even underlying medical issues. Cats might also bite during petting or licking sessions to show affection. Cats never bite out of spite; there’s always an underlying reason. But if it is consistent and aggressive and there are wounds, take your cat to a vet or a behaviorist.

Here are a few reasons behind your cat biting you in the morning.

1. Hunger

Like you have a mood when your tummy is not satisfied properly, cats also get a mood and begin throwing tantrums. Therefore, food and hunger can be one of the very first reasons why your cat bites you in the morning. Cats can’t talk and communicate verbally. When she’s hungry in the morning and doesn’t find food in her bowl, she may bite you—not out of aggression but only to tell you that she wants food.

2. Love

Ever heard of love bites? Your cat may just want to give you that. If the bite is soft and she doesn’t appear aggressive but just stands there after biting, staring at you, then it is a love bite. She wants a cuddle and wants you to reciprocate her love for you! Isn’t it cute? It is.

kid cuddling with pet cat

3. Trying to Communicate

Meowing is sometimes too overrated for some cats. Instead, they’d opt for something non-conventional, for example, biting. Maybe she bites you in the morning to wake you up so that you play with her. Or maybe she is trying to show you something, wants your attention, or is trying to find a way to communicate with you about something.

4. Messed Up Routine

As a cat owner, you may know that cats are very organized and love to follow a proper routine. They like to follow a schedule in which they have their time for sleeping, playing, and eating. When this routine is compromised, they become uneasy and begin to bite as a response. When the routine she’s used to isn’t maintained, she becomes highly aggressive. So make sure you fulfil your cat’s needs without altering her usual routine.

5. Jealousy

Cats usually don’t like sharing their things, be it their toys, food, or their owners. When there is a new pet, baby, or any guest in the house that takes away all her limelight, she is going to get super jealous and insecure. In such a case, if your cat begins to bite, it is out of jealousy.

6. Threat

Sometimes, cats begin to bite and use their claws when they sense a threat. Or they might be fearful about something, and they want to express it to you so you can protect them. On the other hand, they can also bite out of anger simply because they are in a playful mood and you are not playing with them.

7. Lack of Attention

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this,” says Sir Terry Pratchett. They want constant attention from their parents—they are more demanding and less compromising. They do not like when they are not given the attention they seek; they might bite you…just to get the attention they want. Like their basic needs, food, water, and home, attention is also one of the primary needs that they demand all the time.

How to Understand Which Bite Means What?

If it is a love bite, remember it is going to be very gentle and bearable—it won’t pierce through your skin. The higher the intensity of the bite and the aggression in her eyes, the more serious the problem is. In short, to understand which bite means what, you need to focus on the intensity of the bite and her body language.

How to Stop My Cat from Biting Me in the Morning?

We know how frustrated and tired one can be by this habit of your cat. Luckily, there are some ways that can help you prevent all the biting in the morning but unfortunately, in some cases, it may be impossible to stop your cat from biting you because of her nature. The only solution, in this case, is to lessen the frequency of biting. For this purpose, you need to understand why your cat bites in the first place, so you can encounter all the issues and come up with the perfect solution.

If your cat bites at a very young age, probably there is some socialization issue. At the same time, tell your guests about your cat’s routine and temperament too so that they don’t force your cat to do something out of the routine. Secondly, always remember to keep your cat in the limelight and never take it away from her, especially when you have a new pet at home—cats are possessive of their owners and might not appreciate you sharing the same love with other pets.  

Next, make sure that you don’t let her develop bad habits, for example, playing with fingers and hands. Let her understand that there is a difference between the parts of the body, clothes, and the toys that it can bite. Show her that she’s not allowed to bite you on any part of your body. You can manage her biting instincts by letting her play with some interactive and chewable toys.

The other thing you can do is to always be in a calm mood with your cat. Never express your anger towards her; always appreciate her, love her, and be friendly towards her. Otherwise, your cat can develop different offensive behavioral issues that can be dangerous, like too much biting or the use of their claws.

Here, training and socializing play a very important role, so if a kitten is taken away from her mother at a very early stage, make sure you fulfil the responsibility of educating and training her properly.

Final Words

Your cat is like a human baby that needs to be observed, understood, and pampered. Make sure that your cat’s needs are always fulfilled. Don’t make her do something out of her routine, especially when it is her meal or sleep time.  

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