The things one has to do to keep their kitty happy. You offer mental stimulation, food puzzles, exercise, and their favorite rubs.  

But some of their preferences can be hard to understand. Like, many cats enjoy being slapped on the bum. But why do cats like butt pats? Why do they like their bottom smacked? Like, rough play is actively discouraged, so we are not talking about that.

It is like a firm pat on the bottom. And they love it. Curious?

Let us find out what this is about.

Why Do Cats Like Butt Pats?

Pet parents know how much their kitties love getting petted. Some of our tiny friends like the petting to be slightly firm, and they prefer it on their butts.

There are several explanations for that. The top of the list is that cats have sensory nerves concentrated in their butts. Getting it smacked instills sensory pleasure.

Female cats, especially the spayed ones, find it relaxing when they cannot find a mate. But even a neutered or spayed cat could use it as a relief from the little upheaval in its emotion during mating season.

They may even appreciate the smacking as a form of massage. But pet parents need to be careful to customize these massages to suit their tiny babies, keeping them light with little to no force.

Another theory suggests cats like their bum smacked because it reminds them of their mother. Kittens need their mother for grooming, including at their bottom.

The smacking brings back the happy memories from their kittenhood.

A lesser pleasant explanation is that cats offer their butt for smacking to get rid of itching that is otherwise hard to satisfy.

5 Reasons Why Cats Like Their Bottom Smacked

Most cats enjoy petting. But typically, it is a nice rub under the chin, behind their ears, or the back, right?

But here you are, spending quality time with your kitty, and it keeps putting its butt in your face, asking for butt pats. Loves it when it is done like a firm spank. Even asks for more.

The good thing is: it is pretty common. And you are about to find out about the possible explanations for this behavior.

1. Cats Like Their Bottom Smacked in Heat

Our cats have interests beyond their human families. And that includes finding a mate every once in a while. This is to say when they are in heat.

If they fail to do so, their hormones keep them at an edge.

Some opine that the female cat in heat may enjoy a smack on its bottom to compensate for the lack of a mate. Suggesting that it may give them some form of release. That holds even if your cat is spayed.

Sure a spayed or neutered cat does not seek a mate like an intact one. But they are not above feeling some form of sexual urge.

Therefore, it is fine as long as it is gentle and does not cross over into abuse.

Word of caution, though. You see, just like female cats, toms also look for a partner. So, you might think it would also be a great idea to try the trick on them. The problem is toms are more agitated than female cats.

The inability to find a female can turn them violent. Better not touch them at the risk of inviting their wrath.

2. Cats Like Their Bottom Smacked Because It Gives Them Sensory Pleasure

Another explanation is that a kitty best experiences petting at its bottom. You might wonder why that is.

Cats may enjoy butt patting best because it can stimulate nerve endings around the base of their tail. This area is known to have a higher concentration of nerve endings, and gentle petting or patting can activate these nerves. As a result, the cat may experience pleasurable sensations, and the brain may release dopamine or oxytocin, which are hormones associated with pleasure and bonding.

This can lead to the cat feeling happy and content during the butt-patting interaction. However, it’s important to remember that not all cats may enjoy butt patting, and it’s crucial always to observe a cat’s body language and signals to ensure they are comfortable and enjoying the interaction.

3. Cats Like Their Bottom Smacked Because It Feels Like a Massage

Similar to humans, cats have acupressure points throughout their bodies, including the rump area.

The base of the tail, where cats have a concentration of nerve endings, is believed to have acupressure points that can be stimulated through gentle slaps or pats. These pressure points, when activated, can provide a pleasurable sensation for some cats, akin to a massage.

The light slaps or pats on the cat’s bottom can help stimulate these acupressure points, triggering a response in the cat’s nervous system. This stimulation can release endorphins, which are natural pain-relieving and mood-enhancing hormones, resulting in a sense of relaxation and well-being for the cat.

It’s important to note that the slaps or pats should be gentle and not too forceful to avoid causing discomfort or pain to the cat.

Besides, their preferred spot may not be just their butt but the rest of the body as well. So, you tap their body with a light but firm hand. And watch them rejoice in this relaxing experience.

4. Cats Like Their Bottom Smacked Because It Reminds Them of Their Mother

Newborn kittens are not able to groom themselves. In fact, they cannot even pee or poop on their own. The mama cat stimulates them to do their business by licking them. In the early weeks, the mama cat also grooms her kitten by licking and pawing.

Since the kittens’ bottom needs the most grooming, they get accustomed to scratching, licking, and patting their bottoms. So, patting your grow-up cat’s butt might take her back to the good old days, reminding her of her mama cat taking care of her.

5. Cats Like Their Bottom Smacked When Their Butt is Itchy

You would not have seen this one coming. But who can blame the cat for wanting a little extra help to relieve its itch?

Cats may enjoy having their bottom smacked when they are experiencing itchiness in that area. Just like humans, cats can get itchy due to allergies, skin irritations, or other factors. Gentle smacks or pats on the rump can temporarily relieve the itchiness, and cats may seek out this type of interaction to alleviate discomfort.

So, if your cat is shoving her bottom in your face, you should pat her gently to relieve discomfort. But if you think it is getting out of hand and besides getting her butt smacked by you, your cat is scratching her butt like crazy; you should carefully observe if she is developing some infection. If you see any signs of illness, take her to a veterinarian.

The Dos and Don’ts of Petting The Cat

We do know by now that cats enjoy getting their bottoms smacked. But we are still clueless about what may or may not sit well with our little friends. 

Let us explore that.

a) Follow the Cat’s Lead

We do know all cats have a persona of their own. Even if they share the general character of their breed. This means that a ragdoll would love to go limp in your arms, but you should still wait for it to ask for a smack on its bottom.

When you gently stroke, you will notice the cat arching its back to get its bottom closer to you. Take its lead when it comes to how and where you should be patting it.

If you notice the cat wince or move away, immediately stop it. Follow it up with doing something nice that it appreciates.

b) It is a Light Smack, Not a Slap

Cats are small animals. They are delicate and cannot tell you in a lot of words if something is getting too much for them.

The point of smacking them is to entertain them and show them how much you love them. To make an enjoyable experience, keep it to a light smack.

It should also be limited to the bottom or head if it likes. To avoid it progressing into rough play, keep the frequency limited.

The tail and back are no-go areas, particularly because the latter can cause health problems as it ages

Also, by no means do you want to encourage rough play. It can easily escalate into them trying to scratch and swat you too often and more harshly than you would like.

c) Not All Cats Like Their Bottoms Spanked

You only offer to stroke a cat that likes it. Likewise, you can only smack a cat’s bottom that appreciates it.

Remember taking the cat’s lead thing? Be very mindful of that when establishing a relationship with your cat. Only offer the touch it likes.

If you notice it winces or moves away from you, immediately stop. You may want to spend some time and effort to earn its trust back and show it that you care.

Final Word: Why Do Cats Like Their Bottom Spanked?

Cats may enjoy having their bottom spanked for various reasons, including joy or sexual satisfaction, a massage sensation, memories of maternal care, or relief from itchiness. However, always respecting a cat’s boundaries is important, and only engaging in gentle and infrequent spanks when the cat initiates or demands it.


Is it Bad to Pat Your Cat’s Lower Back?

Patting your cat’s lower back is not bad. In fact, it can be a great way to bond with them and show our affection—cats love being petted on the lower back. However, you need to be considerate of your cat’s sensitivities and stop if she shows any sign of discomfort.

Why Does My Cat Put His Bum Towards Me?

Your cat putting its bum towards you is a sign of trust and affection. Also, cats carry scent glands in their anal area, and by rubbing their bum against you they try to mark you. sometimes, cats put their bums in their owners’ faces to get a pat.

Why Do Cats Like Hard Pats?

Cats have numerous nerve endings in their bums that respond differently to different pressures. Some of these nerves are sensitive to hard pats. With firm patting, these specific nerve endings are activated, instilling pleasure in cats.

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