Can Cats Eat Chicken Noodle Soup? The Do’s And Don’ts

Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup in a Bowl on a Wooden Table Surrounded by Condiments

People say they discovered a capacity to love they never knew until they had kids, but have they had pets? Love oozes out of your heart when you set your eyes on them. Oh, the dilemma when two begging eyes demand your food. You have to ask yourself, is it okay to share this food […]

Elf Cat Breed Profile: History, Personality, Care, And More!

An elf kitten is playing with its owners

Elf cats are extremely playful and intelligent cat breeds. They are hairless cats with curled ears. The hairlessness feature and muscular body of this cat are similar to the Sphynx breed, whereas the curled backward ears are a characteristic of the American Curl cats. They are quite social and friendly cats that easily develop bonds […]

Can Cats Eat Slim Jims? 5 Reasons Why They Are Bad?

grey tabby cat sniffing slim jims

Can cats eat Slim Jims? A short and simple answer is, no, cats cannot eat slim jims. Given the fact that meat is the main ingredient in slim jim snacks, one may think that it is safe for cats to eat, but it is not. Continue reading to learn all about cats and Slim Jims. […]

Can Cats Eat Chicken Liver? Health Implications and Benefits

Grey Tabby Cat Looking Up Licking its Lips between Her Meal

Being obligate carnivores, felines can benefit from eating meat-based, protein-rich food. But as we have seen, many seem confused about the type of meat and feeding methods. Chicken liver is one of those meats people aren’t sure about. Vets and experienced owners are often inundated with questions like can cats eat chicken liver? Does chicken […]

Why Is My Dog Scared of Me? Help!

A dog looking scared

For ages, dogs have been our best friends, serving us in a great array of roles—from protection to guarding and from herding to simply being our companions when we need them. Studies show that dogs greatly improve our quality of life and overall health; their presence reduces our stress, anxiety, and depression and eases our […]

Finding Fluffiest Tails: 22 Breeds of Cat With Fluffy Tails

Brown fluffy tailed cat

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fluffiest cat of them all?” If only we had a magical mirror at our disposal to find the breeds we were most likely to enjoy! When it comes to cats, we all have personal preferences. Some prefer cats with curly hair, some only white cat breeds, while […]

My Cat Smells Like Poop—What Should I Do?

Cat Smells Like Poop

Cats have a reputation for being very particular about their cleanliness. They spend most of their day cleaning and grooming themselves. But oftentimes, they may start smelling like poop. This stinky smell can be a trouble for the fur parents who love to cuddle their cats and keep them on their lap. Although it does […]

450+ Clydesdale Horse Names: Male, Female, Unisex, and More!

Clydesdale horse names

Originating about two centuries ago in Scotland, Clydesdale is one of the most sought-after Scottish horse breeds. They are majestic creatures with fascinating feathering around their limbs. Standing tall at around 17 to 18 hands high, Clydesdale also makes it to the list of largest horse breeds. They have a high-stepping gait, which further adds […]