We all adore our pets and would never want anyone or anything to come between us. But things can get complicated for some people who have to choose between their pets and other loved ones. It is not uncommon for dog lovers to go through something similar often.

So, what would you do if your significant other doesn’t get along well with your dog or other pets? A commonly asked question from dog lovers—mostly women is, “what can I do if my boyfriend wants me to choose between him and my dog?”

They want to know what they can do to keep both their adorable dog as well as their romantic partner getting along well with each other.

Below, we have shared some insights on this topic and discussed some ways that can prove helpful in such situations. So, without further ado, let’s find out what can be done.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Such a Scenario

Although it is not a very pleasant situation to be in, you can try some tips to make your dog and your significant other get along well and accept each other. We have listed some tips that can be beneficial in such a case.

1. Introduce Them Early On

One way to make sure the two important members of your family become good friends and are more accommodating towards one another is to introduce them early on. If you have just started seeing someone, it is better to introduce them to your pets right from the start so both of them can get used to each other.

If they don’t get along well, you would get an idea of how things might be and get some time to think more about the future of this relationship.

2. Talk to Your Partner

If you are planning to adopt a dog after you are already in a romantic relationship, then it is better to discuss it with your significant other beforehand. This way, you can understand what your partner expects from this relationship and what changes can be expected after a pet is added to the equation.

Getting your partner on board with a new addition to your life can be a wise thing to do as now you are a team, and one of you cannot make individual decisions.

3. Set Boundaries

It is important to set boundaries for your pets and keep them in a comfortable place where they can have privacy. This way, you will be able to keep them restricted to a certain area so that neither they nor other members of the house are disturbed.

But if your pet keeps roaming around the house, then it might cause some disturbance to people who are not very fond of pets. So it is always the wise thing to do to keep your pets restricted to a certain area.

What If Nothing Works? Who Do I Keep and Who Should I Let Go of?

Things can become a challenge when neither your romantic partner is ready to accept the pet nor is the pet showing any signs of acceptance towards your significant other. It can be emotionally draining to choose between any of them. But sometimes, you have to make hard decisions that are good for all the parties involved.

There are some reasons that we would urge you to always choose your dog or any other pet over a human. It is not like we want you to totally disregard human emotions, but when it comes to pets vs. humans, always remember that pets are in a more vulnerable position than humans. But this is generic guidance; much depends on how much you want your pet to influence your decisions and how passionate you are about pets.

For instance, if you are a casual dog keeper and love your sweetheart to the core, rehoming your dog would not be a wrong decision.

So, below we have discussed these reasons more elaborately for you to better understand them. This will help you decide what you can do when you are stuck and cannot decide for yourself.

1. Pets are Very Loyal

Dogs are known for their unmatchable loyalty. They never turn their backs on their owners and go another way. Most dog owners have their dogs from the day they are born, and they remain with their owners until they breathe their last. So, you cannot abandon your loyal dog just because a new person in your life doesn’t get along well with him.

You should always give preference to your dog and try to make things work between the dog and your partner. But if things cannot be worked out, and you are in the initial phase of your relationship, you can sacrifice your love for your pet.

holding a paw of her dog
Photo by Ivan Babydov

2. They Have Been With You Before Your Boyfriend

In most cases, people own dogs from a young age, and these pets are a part of their whole lives—until one of them dies. So when a person starts seeing someone new, it may be a bit difficult for the dog to accept this new person. That is because these dogs are not used to sharing their favorite person with someone else. When they see their owner spending time with a new person, they cannot get used to it right away.

So you need to keep in mind that the dog has been a part of your life long before your partner. You cannot let go of them just because a new person has come into your life.

3. Red Flag in a Relationship

Animals are innocent creatures, and almost everyone likes them. But many people believe that those who don’t get along well with animals or pets might be having some behavioral problems. Although some people are allergic to animals or might be afraid of them, being rude to animals can be considered a major red flag in a potential relationship.

So, it is always wise to first see how the person you are starting a relationship with is towards pets. If you find they are rude or insensitive towards your pet or other animals in general, it may be a red flag. Thus, take the cue and consider leaving that relationship before things get too serious. The person may not be the best one for you.

That said, there may exist some genuine concerns. For instance, there are some people who are allergic to pets. If that’s the case, try to sort it out and see if a hypoallergenic dog might work for you. For that, you might like to explore family dogs that don’t shed or top 10 hypoallergenic dog mixes.

4. Your Pets Are Dependent Upon You

One main reason pet owners cannot and should not let go of their pets is that they are totally dependent upon their owners. You need to take care of their diet, health, comfort, and cleanliness. If you abandon your pet or give it away to someone else who may not take care of them the way you would, it can emotionally harm your pet.

A French bulldog is giving paw to a female owner in a park

Thus, whenever you are faced with a challenging decision where you have to choose between your partner or your dog, always remember who needs your care and love the most and who is more dependent upon you.

If it ever leads to rehoming your dog, ensure that it is in safe hands and properly cared for by its new loving owners.

My Boyfriend Wants Me to Choose Between Him and My Dog: Final Words

In a nutshell, if you have just started seeing someone and you think you have a future together, it is important to introduce them to your dog or any other pet. This will help you get an idea of how things can be in the future while also letting your beloved pet and significant other get comfortable with each other.

Giving such things some time and letting all the concerned parties know each other well can be a lot helpful in keeping your life together. This will also keep all those involved safe from any kind of emotional distress.

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