Everything You Need to Know About Husky Puppies

Husky Puppies

Pet parents, planning to have a new puppy, should give ‘Huskies’ a serious thought. These puppies have sharp glowing eyes with the glamorous impression of smooth skin. Husky Puppies are amiable and fun-loving animals. They also tend to protect their owner in the best possible way. And believe us, you will never regret having Husky […]

Parti Yorkies: What is The Hype About This Colorful Breed?

Parti Yorkies

There is no denying that plain coat dogs are attractive, but dogs with patterned coats draw our attention on a whole different level. For years, dog owners have only relied on choosing from various colors, such as golden, white, black, etc., only. However, trends have changed now, and everyone is doting on tri-colored dogs because […]

Rare Dog Breeds You’ve Never Heard Before

Rare dog breeds

While the most common dog breeds are the most popular ones, there are other rare breeds that you should discover if you love unique things. Though these dogs are hard to find, the efforts to discover them are worth it.  These are the dog breeds that you won’t come across on every sidewalk. In fact, […]

18 Facts: Everything About Great Dane Pitbull Mix (Great Danebull)

Great Dane Pitbull Mix

Legs that run long and far, floppy ears that can hear from miles away, a formidable size that makes opponents petrified, muscular body that can work all day. All these features have made Great Dane Pitbull Mix one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Want to know more about the Great Dane […]

12 Questions About Liver German Shepherds Answered

Liver German Shepherds

They say a German Shepherd will never disappoint you. One moment, they are relaxing in their master’s lap, and the next minute, they are working tirelessly side by side for hours on end. Truly the delight of dog lovers, Liver German Shepherds are devoted, loyal, amazingly beautiful, unique, agile, and protective…you name it! And for […]

Long-Haired Dalmatian. Are They Purebred?

long haired dalmatian

An expensive designer dress and a pipe in hand, the raucous Cruella de Vil enters her factory with all her attitude. Arrogantly looking down upon her workers, she slowly walks in her high heels; but as she makes a turn, she is captivated by the drawing lying on her designer’s table. Cruella immediately rushes towards […]

Irish Dog Breeds

Irish Dog Breeds

Emerald Isle, Ireland, is remarkably famous for its Guinness beer, antique castles, shamrock, Celtic cross, and Blarney Stone, and even for its Celtic folklore surrounding Cait Sidhe—a gigantic black cat with a white spot on her chest. But what about the dogs of Ireland? How many Irish dog breeds are there? How many Irish dog […]

12 Tall Skinny Dogs: Know It All

Tall Skinny Dogs

Tall skinny dogs? Yes, you heard it right. Dogs can be skinny too, not because of poor eating habits, declining gut health, or an illness, but because of their built-in physique. They are born skinny. That’s why it’s wrong to tag them as underweight. Many dogs have tall, thin profiles, which may surprise you. When […]

16 Interesting Facts About Corgi Puppies

Corgi Puppies

Nothing brightens your day like a Corgi’s smile; no dog’s butt wiggles like a Corgi’s rump; and no dog ‘sploots’ like Corgis do. Whenever the topic of Corgi puppies comes up, Queen Elizabeth’s name is the first to spring to mind, as she is considered the top Corgi enthusiast. Her Majesty owned at least 30 […]

16 Most Popular Small White Dog Breeds

Small White Dog Breeds

Having an itsy-bitsy snow-white dog goofing and frolicking around will not only relieve you from stress but will also add a hint of inner peace and mental relaxation. What’s more? Most small white dog breeds have a mushy fur on which you’d want to nuzzle your face and feel ‘oh so good.’ If you are […]

Types of Terriers: Which One is Best For You?

Types of Terriers - American-Staffordshire-Terrier

Ever been so emotionally attached to a dog, just like Victor from the movie ‘Frankenweenie,’ who uses electrical impulses to bring his Bull Terrier dog ‘Sparky’ back from the dead? Yup, that’s how much a terrier dog can entangle your feelings with his charm, loyalty, and naiveté. We will definitely not recommend you to do […]

Calico Dogs: Why Are They Expensive?

Calico Dogs

The world of dogs is, literally speaking, a world of colors. They come in diverse colors and in various combinations. One such group having a combination of different colors is those of calico dogs. Dogs whose coats are exquisitely patterned by different colors impeccably mingled and scattered in a variety of eye-catching designs. However, there […]