As a mindful pet parent, you must have a habit of keeping your dog’s bowel movements in check. It is very important to be aware of your dog’s toilet time and if it has been delayed or to check if his stool looks healthy. It’s not always cuddles and hugs, is it? You’ve got to keep a vigilant eye on what happens down under as well.

If your usually energetic little dog is not getting down to business during the day or evening walks. It could be a cause of concern. In regards to older puppies, constipation is rather prevalent.

But the question is, how do you keep ahead of it? Or how do you tackle your dog suffering from constipation, and how do you make your dog poop quickly?

How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly?

First things first, let’s help get your furry friend out of the bind he’s in. The rule in situations like these is to always contact your veterinarian first before taking any measures or making any changes to your dog’s routine or dietary habits. A tumble down the internet without any veterinary guidance can have drastic consequences.

That being said, here are some of the quick and easy remedies you can make at home for your constipated pets.

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Allow them Privacy

Dogs may experience performance anxiety when trying to poop or pee in public. The situation is quite understandable. He is supposed to get down to business in a park filled with other pets playing around, surrounded by distracting scents and wandering eyes. The little guy may feel shy doing his work. To help your pet, try and find them a rather secluded and quiet place as even if they’re going through constipation, they can take their time and not feel uncomfortable while passing stool.

Belly Rubs

A massage can help your dog’s bowel to relax before its go time. Before taking him out for a walk or anything, it would be convenient to lie him down and give him belly rubs in circular motions. This will help your dog and his body to settle down while preparing for what comes next. Circular motion massages help stimulate your dog’s abdomen and allow a better blood flow, both of which can help your dog make bowel movement quicker and smoother.

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Increased Exercise

A healthy amount of exercise daily is good for your dog’s health and will also keep issues like constipation at bay. An occasional game of fetch, a daily walk in the park, or just a good morning run together will go miles in your furry friend’s journey of health. An active routine keeps your dog’s body stimulated and responsive. Being inactive is one of the many reasons for your dog to get constipated.

Canned Pumpkin

Pumpkins have a high water composition which can help in your dog’s constipation issues. A fresh pumpkin puree or just canned pumpkin is best for dogs’ constipation issues. The canned pumpkin has high fiber content as well that aids in constipation control and keeps the digestive tract flowing smooth. It also acts as a stool softener. An occasional meal of canned pumpkin or liquid dog food is recommended by Petmd to avoid any stomach-related issues. Similarly, an increased intake of water or the addition of bran cereal in your dog’s diet may also bring about the desired effects.

Note, however, to always purchase the unsweetened pet-friendly version of canned pumpkin to avoid any toxic reactions.

The Ice Cube Method

According to Rufus and Coco, this remedy requires getting down on the ground with your dog’s nether regions. Fair warning, this method may be quite uncomfortable for both you and your pet but would give you highly effective and beneficial results.

Initially, to start small, you can pat or clean your dog down there with a wet wipe. In some cases, that helps and allows your dog to poop. Be sure to keep multiple sanitary wipes close to keep you and your dog clean in case of any mishaps.

However, if the method does not work, the next step is to push an ice cube into your dog’s bum. Granted, he will be quite unsettled, and so will be you, but he would soon get accustomed to the sensation and be sure to hold it there for thirty seconds. There is no danger involved in the process, however.  


In any case of emergency, the veterinary doctor may administer an injection of an enema into the lower bowel of your dog. In no circumstances are pet parents allowed to perform this procedure at home. This decision and antidote may only be given by the vets.

Signs of Canine Constipation

How would you know if your dog is suffering from constipation? At times even the most observant pet parents lose track of their pet’s last bowel movement. Here is a list of signs that may work as your early alarm system for constipation.

No Defecation

The biggest warning sign that indicates your dog is constipated is the absence of defecation in the last 24 – 48 hours. That means your dog is either struggling to pass stool or is abstaining from it—both of which are not good indicators. Apart from constipation, actions like these could be indicative of digestive tract infection or other issues. Veterinary consultation is essential in situations like these.

Cries during Defecation

If your dog seems to be yelping while trying to pass stool, it means he is straining to defecate. This could be because of a diet that is low in fiber or dehydration. Lack of exercise may also be a plausible solution.

Hard Stool

Your dog’s stool appearing to be too hard and compact is an indication of constipation. Similarly, low quantity stool mixed with blood poses the same problem. These could be caused by low-quality dog foods or a fiber-intensive doggy diet.

How to Avoid Constipation in the Future?

Excessive Water Intake

To keep your dog healthy and well, it’s necessary to increase his water intake. An easy way to do that is by having multiple water bowls in all corners of the house or his usual spots. This will ensure ample water in your dog’s diet for a healthy digestive tract.

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Ample of Exercise

A daily dose of walks and plays is vital for your dog’s healthy life. A healthy immune system is closely linked to an active physical body. For dogs, staying active is essential, they’re naturally energetic creatures, and that energy needs to be put to good use. Morning and evening walk with an occasional game of fetch should do the trick.

Active Routine

To promote a structured and balanced life for your pet, a fixed hour of the walk can help in adding routine to your dog’s life. This trick requires patience from pet parents because it takes time to develop it as a habit. After he has done his business, you may award your dog with a little treat as a way of endorsing good behavior. If you stick to it, there’s a good chance you can make your dog poop on command.

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High-Quality Dog Food

Dog food with low residual value and a healthy fiber intake should keep your dog well away from a constipation crisis.

Other Measures


A veterinary doctor may prescribe your dog laxatives to relieve their pain. However, prolonged use of laxatives may lead to dehydration. Thus, use of any must strictly be on doctors’ orders.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplement helps in providing your dog with a balanced meal plan. Veterinary instructions or consultations must be made before adding any such changes to your dog’s diet.

Stool Softener

Under dire circumstances, your pet’s doctor may prescribe a stool softener that will aid him in passing stool.

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