Dog peeing in the house is one of the most common problems that many dog owners go through. It can be very tiring to clean all the mess again and again. Also, this can be due to a medical problem, so it must be resolved as earlier as possible. 

In young dogs, the reason for peeing in the house can be due to improper house training. However, if you have an adult dog, then there might be something to be worried about. In adults, frequent urination can be developed because of specific health issues, behavioral causes, or both.

To resolve this issue, you need to identify the reason behind this. Read further to know why your dog is peeing in the house and how to stop it.

Why Is Your Dog Peeing So Much In The House?

The reason behind dog peeing can be as simple as over drinking water or poor house training and can be as complicated as psychological problems or other medical conditions. 

The initial step should be to check whether your dog has proper house training or not. If this is the main reason, then there is no need to worry but if this is not the case, then look for other signs. Does he look unwell or mentally disturbed?

Medical Problems

If you have an adult and house-trained dog urinating in the house, there are possibly undiagnosed health-related issues. Visit your vet so that they can help you treat the disease. Some common illness that causes continuous or uncontrollable urinating are:


Just like us, when dogs grow old, their immune system is not as strong as it is at a younger age. Dementia and brain diseases are really common at this age, causing them to pee in the house as they forget the house training. Aging is a natural process, so it is hard to manage frequent urination, however, some solutions like dog diapers or absorbent cotton pads to put in their beds can help.


It is an involuntary condition where the dog doesn’t realize that he is peeing. The action is done unconsciously—this is known as incontinence. It can develop in both young and adult dogs—most likely in the older ones.

Urinary Tract

This disease is very common among dogs. It causes abnormal cell and bacteria growth in the urine, leading to dogs’ sudden urge to pee. In this case, you must visit the vet. After examining the urine sample, your vet will prescribe antibiotics to treat the urinary tract. 

Behavioral Problem 

Dogs are indeed loyal and forever friends. If there is no health issue, then a behavioral problem is behind peeing in the house. Sudden changes in your behavior or environment can affect your dog. Some reasons why behavioral problems occur are:

Loneliness / Less Attention

Do you have a busy schedule? Are you unable to give proper time and care to your dog? If the answer is yes, unfortunately, this is why they are soiling the house. To get your attention! Make sure you don’t leave your dog alone for long hours as it may leave them feeling alone and ignored. Take them on walks and spend quality time with them.

Environment Change

Your house is his house. If you are shifting house or city, it will take him some time to get used to the new environment and know the place. If this is the case, try to train him again to make him understand that this is his new home and he needs to keep it clean.


The death of a close family member or loud noise can make your dog anxious and fearful, so instead of going out, they choose to stay inside. If someone in your family has passed away recently, it might make your dog mentally disturbed and they may suffer from separation anxiety. However, you can easily overcome the issue and fear with love and extra care.

Territorial Marking

Sex hormones drive territorial marking in dogs. They leave a puddle of urine behind to pass information to other dogs. It happens primarily with males and can be treated by neutering the dog. 

Excitement Or Submission

Puppy urinate to show excitement towards someone or something. Sometimes adult dogs also urinate to show excitement, submission, or intimation towards a person or thing.

How To Stop My Dog From Peeing In The House?

Although it can be challenging, it is not impossible. If you are thinking of selling your dog or giving him to someone else, it is advised that you don’t. I have been through this and it was the worst decision of my life to give away my “Scoopy.” It was hard for me to live without him and even harder for him, leading to his death. It takes effort and patience, but can’t we make little effort for the one who was always by our side? Of course, we can. Here is how you can stop your dog from peeing in the house.

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