Dobermans are large dogs, popular for their intimidating personality and outstanding guarding abilities. They are preferred by dog lovers because they have short coats and don’t need a lot of grooming. But the question many pet parents want to find an answer to is, do Dobermans shed? And, are they heavy shedders or moderate ones?

So, Do Dobermans shed?

The answer is—yes, Dobermans do shed. They are not one of those hypoallergenic dogs that don’t shed. But they are considered moderate shedders by their owners. This is because Dobies have short and single-layered coats; they don’t shed a lot of hair like other dogs. Additionally, as they lack an undercoat, they don’t need to shed twice a year just as other dog breeds do. There are some other reasons behind the frequency of shedding as well.

So, let’s check them out.

Reasons Why Dobermans Shed More?

Although shedding is natural to dogs, and every dog has a different frequency when it comes to shedding, there are some reasons your Dobie may shed more. He may go through different phases or may be unwell, which can cause him to shed excessively. Below, we have listed the reasons which may make a Doberman shed more than usual.


One of the very common reasons behind a Doberman shedding abnormally can be stress. When these dogs are stressed for some reason, the VCA Hospital states, they end up shedding more than normal. This stress can be due to a change in their routine, the absence of a favorite person, or even moving to a new place. These factors can contribute to the abnormal shedding frequency in Dobermans.

Unhealthy Diet

Another reason behind unusually excessive shedding can be an unhealthy diet. If a dog doesn’t get to eat a nutritious diet, it can start to shed more than normal. Foods rich in Omega Fatty acids are known to make dogs’ skin and hair healthy.

It is also essential to provide your Dobie with the type of food that is suitable for his age and energy levels.


Many a time, the shampoos we use to bathe our dogs have harsh chemicals, which may strip all the essential oils from a dog’s fur. This too can result in abnormal shedding in a Dobie. It may also lead to bald patches in a dog if left untreated for long. To help maintain healthy hair and skin, you can use natural oatmeal shampoos. These shampoos are gentle and do not have harsh chemicals, so your dog’s skin and fur remain healthy.

Skin Conditions

Skin diseases can be another common reason behind excessive shedding in a dog. Skin conditions such as Sarcoptic Mange can also result in hair loss and unusual shedding in Dobermans. If you suspect your dog has some skin issue that may be causing him to shed more than normal, take him to a vet.


When a female Doberman is pregnant, she may also start shedding more hair than normal. This is a common pregnancy symptom and doesn’t mean anything serious. If you know your female Dobie is carrying babies, the hair fall may be due to the hormonal changes occurring in her body.

Tips to Reduce Excessive Shedding in Dobermans

So, do Dobermans shed? We know the answer is yes. Now what? Is there anything that can be done to minimize or control the shedding?

Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the shedding and keep your home free from your canine pal’s hair. Let’s take a look at the ways you can control your pooch’s shedding.


These dogs need a weekly brushing session to keep their fur clean and smooth. Due to their short coat, it is easy to brush their hair and groom them. To control the excessive shedding, you should brush your Dobie at least once a week. It will also help in getting rid of all the loose hair.

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When it comes to bathing a Dobie, they don’t need frequent baths. A Dobie will need a bath once a month. Anything more than that will result in dry skin and may lead to hair loss. Therefore, you shouldn’t over-bathe your dog. Also, try brushing his hair before bathing him. By doing so, you will help your dog get rid of all the unwanted and loose hair from his body. This will also result in less hair shedding and keep your home clean from loose hair.


Interestingly, if you want your Dobie to have a healthy coat, give him plenty of exercise. With vigorous activity, the blood will flow through your furry friend’s body. When blood flows through the body, it results in providing nourishment to hair and skin. This will make his coat healthy which will eventually reduce excessive shedding.


As mentioned earlier, shampoo plays an important part in controlling the shedding in a Doberman. Many of these dogs are known to have sensitive skins. Thus, using a shampoo that has reactive chemicals will irritate and dry out a Dobie’s skin. It is essential to invest in a good quality shampoo to prevent your pet from getting his skin dried or irritated. If you feel your Dobie’s skin has become dry and brittle, try washing his fur with dog shampoos for dry skins. Such shampoos are gentle on the skin and don’t disturb the natural pH of the skin.


A healthy diet provides all the nutrients that are essential for healthy skin and hair. So, if you want your pooch to have strong and fine fur hair, you should provide him with nutritious foods. You can consult a vet to guide you about the food requirements according to your dog’s age, size, and energy levels.

Dogs can also be given homemade food, but there are certain things you need to be careful about. To be on the safe side, it is better to go for commercially formulated dog food—that is always a safe choice. These foods are specifically formulated according to a dog’s body requirements, age, and also its size.


If your furry friend is shedding more than normal and you want to control it, you can give him supplements that will improve his hair health. There is a variety of supplements that can be used to control excessive shedding in a Dobie, but mostly it is Omega-3 supplements. Omega-3 helps make a dog’s skin and hair healthy. You can add a teaspoon of olive oil to their meal to provide their bodies with the Omega fatty acids.

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How to Know if a Doberman is Shedding Too Much?

Usually, the Dobermans shed an equal amount of hair all year round. Additionally, they have a single-layered coat, which means they don’t have to shed twice a year like other dog breeds. Their hair is short, thick, and pointed, and they resemble eyelashes.

One way to know a dog is shedding more than normal is that the hair could be seen on the floor. When they are shedding normally, the hair is not visible on the floor because they are short. So, if you can see hair on the floor, it means they are shedding more than usual.

Tips to Reduce Doberman Shedding in Your House

When a dog sheds, it is not just hair. There is also dander, dead skin, and hair oils that sit on the furniture and upholstery in your house. Therefore, you need to clean up everything to keep you and your family safe from allergies.

To keep your house clean and free from allergens found in a dog’s hair, dead skin, and dander, you can take the following measures.

Vacuum Cleaning

The best and fastest way to clean your house is to use a vacuum cleaner. It cleans effectively and even removes hair from the hard-to-reach areas in a house. So, if you want to quickly clean your house and get rid of the loose hair, you can vacuum the area.

Floor Mops

Another effective way to clean floors is by using a damp mop. A slightly damp cloth can be used to clean out all the dry hair of a dog or any other pet. It can also be used on surfaces that cannot be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner, like on furniture and glass surfaces. Thus, it is an effective hack to reduce the amount of dog hair in your house.

Air Filters and Purifiers

As we already know, with the dog’s hair, there is also dead skin, dander, and hair oils. So it is important to install good quality air filters in your house. It is an effective hack to keep the air clean and pure inside your living place. Air purifiers will also be useful in collecting and removing allergens from the air, which is the culprit behind pet allergies.

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Sweep Brushes

For floors that don’t have carpets or rugs, you can use a sweeping brush to clean out all the hair and dead skin from your house. A broom can also be used for the same purpose in place of a sweeping brush.   


So, do Dobermans shed? Yes, as we discussed. Dobermans are moderate-to-low shedders, and they shed an equal amount of hair throughout the year. As they don’t have an undercoat, they don’t shed twice a year like other dogs. Their hair is short and pointed, and they don’t cling to clothes and upholstery because they don’t have a static charge.

With a moderate shedding, intimidating personality, and high intelligence, a Dobie is loved by his owners. They are easy to groom and don’t need very frequent baths and brushing sessions, which makes them ideal for people with a busy lifestyle.

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