Labradoodles are furry and friendly dogs that are perfect for medium to small-spaced living conditions. They adapt well to their surroundings, so you can keep them in apartments and condos as well.

Labradoodles are a mix of the energetic Labrador Retriever and the cute and miniature Poodle. The result is a furry, smart, and active dog with a medium to long curly coat. They are generally considered one of the most hypoallergenic dogs, all thanks to their Poodle parent. But one should keep in mind that every crossbreed varies in its temperament, appearance, and weight, so your Labradoodle might be less hypoallergenic as compared to other Labradoodles.

When Did Labradoodle Originate?

It all began in the 20th century. According to historical records, the term ‘labradoodle’ was first used by Donald Campbell in 1955. However, this breed was officially registered as a service dog by Wally Conron in the 1980s.

The purpose of breeding such dogs was to create a dog that contains the trainability and quirkiness of a Labrador while being suitable for people with allergic reactions to fur.

What is the Coat Type of Labradoodle?

Depending upon the parents, a Labradoodle can have any of the following three types of coat:


Some Labradoodles will have long, wavy, and sometimes curly hair. Such dogs shed hair, and therefore, may not be a perfect choice for people with allergies. The benefit of such coat types might give an extra inch to protect your dog in winters, though.


Wooly coats are soft and comfy to touch; such dog coats were a prime choice in the twentieth century due to their unique appearance. But every unique thing comes at a price; wooly coats require constant maintenance, so if you love taking extra care of your dog and its grooming, only then should you go grab such a pup.


Fleece dogs generally have short coats. They are best for people with allergies, and they require very little maintenance. Fleece dogs are also suitable for hot regions.

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There is a bundle of colors this dog can have. Generally speaking, they can inherit any color from Poodles, but the most common ones are apricot, chocolate, silver, gold, black, and white.

Their patterns are bi-colored or sometimes even tri-colored.

What is the Temperament and Appearance of a Labradoodle?

The immediate appearance of a Labradoodle will remind you of Chewbacca, an extremely furry dog. They are not violent or too territorial towards other dogs. Although you may notice that Labradoodles may sometimes bark too much, this trait can be minimized by training, however.

The height of Labradoodles can range from 16 to 25 inches and their weight from 15 to 85 pounds. The variation is due to the type of breed, so you have a choice of selecting a miniature Doodle or a jumbo one.

Do Labradoodles Shed Excessively?

Labradoodles are reputable for being low-shedding dogs and were bred for this particular purpose. However, Fleece Labradoodles shed less as compare to other breeds, especially those with a hairy coat.  

The second fact to keep in mind is that hair shedding is usually caused by low maintenance. Therefore, if you do not frequently bathe your dog, they will shed more than usual.

Do Labradoodles Have Hair or Fur?

They have hair with different coats that are generally differentiated as hair, wool, and fleece. All these coats vary in appearance and touch. The hairy-coated Labradoodles are the most common ones with long and wavy hair.

Breeding Line Issues

Before purchasing a Doodle, make sure you find one from a reputable breeder because many breeders in the market are only interested in producing hybrid litters regardless of the pup’s health and other characteristics, such as hair shedding and dander.

To simplify, there are generally two types of Doodle lines, namely the Australian Labradoodle and the Labradoodle in general. The Australian line is regarded as the most trustworthy as the breeders inherited all the premium breeding standards.

The general Labradoodle, or more specifically the American lines, tend to have more Poodle and Labrador traits from their American roots.

Jumping on to the most interesting part, the third type of breeding line that has evolved in both the American and the Australian breeds is the Labradoodle.

The main distinguishing feature between the Australian and the American labradoodle is that from Aussie Doodle pups, you can expect the same features with consistency. It means that they mainly have wavy and curly-haired Doodles. On the other hand, the American breed has all three variants, and there is no predictability about displaying the traits and behavior they were bred for. However, they have more Labrador traits as compared to their Aussie cousins.

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Can People With Allergies Keep Doodles?

Absolutely, but there are certain things to keep in mind before adopting one:

  1. First and foremost, you should always consult your doctor if you have any allergies because even though, Doodles have been recognized as non-allergic pets, they might pose dangers if a doctor’s advice is not followed. Everyone has different allergic conditions, which might not always sit well, even with the lowest-shedding dog.
  2. The fleece-type coat should be the choice for allergic people, especially the ones suffering from asthma as they shed the least.
  3. Avoid the hairy type Doodle as they shed at an average pace. They may also infest dog odor.

Are Labradoodles Hypoallergenic?

It’s a yes and no. For the most part, this cute hairy pet is hypoallergenic but there are a lot of factors, which if not taken into consideration, might result in you choosing a dog that is allergic and sheds hair.

From the Doodle’s generation type to its routine maintenance, everything matters.

They might also shed excessive dander if you do not pay close attention to their diet. If the dog’s digestion is disturbed, you will surely see the Labradoodle shedding more hair than usual.

Our pets’ mental health is equally important as their physical health. It’s highly important to provide your dogs a peaceful and loving environment at home. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety as well.

People who live in warmer areas of the world must also pay close attention to their temperature requirements. Even though dogs tend to tolerate hot weather, their body temperature shouldn’t reach 103 – 104 Fahrenheit. Dogs shed more in summer; therefore, you must always look out for ways to cool them.

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Bottom Line

As we dove into the world of Labradoodles, we see that there are a lot of factors that are involved if you want to know whether your Doodle will be hypoallergenic or not.

In simpler terms, Labradoodles are counted as top hypoallergenic dogs, but you must choose carefully as they have three different coats with varying degrees of shedding and dander.

To conclude all this, they are hypoallergenic dogs with a friendly attitude towards people. They are extremely well with children and would rarely show aggressive behavior. They need your attention in terms of regular hygiene and exercise.

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